PEER GYNT by Johan iNGER – Guest Choreographer in Ballett Theater Basel – CH

PEER GYNT by Johan IngerTHURSDAY 18th of MAY 2017- till 22nd of JUNE
Grosse Bühne (big stage), 7:30 pm The Swede Johan Inger will choreograph an entirely new version of this “Faust of the North” for the Ballett Theater Basel ensemble. He captivates audiences with a diverse world of movement, where the principles of musical composition are tellingly adapted to dance and musical for is made visible through physical movement.  Inger creates memorable images which bring both sensuality and intensity to his choreography.  For many years the Stockholm-born choreographer was a dancer with Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), which was also where he started his choreographic career: “At NDT we dancers were not just expected to execute prescribed steps, but to play an active part in the creative process. This inspired me a great deal.” At Jiří Kylián’s NDT Inger had the chance to present his first independent works. Johan Inger now works freelance and is a guest at all the world’s leading dance companies. In 2009 he permitted Ballett Theater Basel to restage his piece ‘Empty House’ and he has since choreographed the new works ‘Raindogs’ and ‘Tempus Fugit’ for Richard Wherlock’s ensemble.

The peasant’s son Peer Gynt is a dreamer and fantasist, restlessly driven to escape reality by inventing stories and lies. This habit makes him no friends in his village and he finds himself excluded. He is a weak-willed egoist whose hunger for life leads him to start many things but he finishes none. He travels the world searching for his inner core and returns home at the end of his life, torn between a desire not to be himself and an inability to be anyone else.