An Electrodance show for 8 dancers

“Everything was possible since nothing was codified yet” Rosita Boisseau, Le Monde

Electro dance is the dance of a generation. Invented in the 2000s in the suburbs of Paris, it has since continued to evolve, and to sharpen and enrich its gestures. Characterized by its crazy arm movements, electro dance is experienced by discharges, between explosiveness and precision.

In 2018, Blanca Li plays with our perceptions and invites us to rediscover this dance with electro music and a hint of baroque influence. The eye of the spectator can be easily transported into the graphic world of these complete artists, creating optical illusions of their kaleidoscopic arm movements, sublimated in an airy and luminous choreography signed by one of the great masters of urban dance.

Surrounded by a high-flying artistic team, Blanca Li delivers here her third production with this urban style (“Elektro Kif” show, 2009 and film “Elektro Mathématrix”, 2015). With eight performers who have become world references in electro culture, and a soundtrack composed in part by Tao Gutierrez, “ELEKTRIK” is a concentrate of talents dedicated to electro.

The result is cheerful, fun and colourful. A show to discover with the whole family.


Copyright Laurent Philippe