“Salt Womb is a combination of tenderness and wildness, innovation with relation to the past. It can be compared with the feeling of a heavy black stone carried among us as something that may easily disappear or slip away. The work ref lects matters of the relationships between
the individual and the others, while the group can split and dissolve to shards. It shows a strong connection between body and a happy or sad soul. Like a terrible disaster or deep sadness coexists with the excitement of being together. A main element in our work is the music; it is a great part of our life. We often collaborate with Ori Lichtik, whose music provides us with endless inspiration, justlike a magical spell, or divine poetry.”

Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

In “Without Absorbing it”, Arias examines the issues of connectedness, identity and questions the quality of our communication. The American choreographer is known for his sensitive and sensitive way of working. His poetic pieces captivate the audience with their very special flow of movement. Following his hit “this is everything”, which premiered in Basel in September 2017, Bryan Arias is nowshowing another new creation with the BALLETT THEATER BASEL.