MASS B -Béatrice MASSiN – FR

With Mass b Béatrice Massin is backing youth and the future by turning towards a new generation of performers and producers.

The choreographer is continuing her work by gathering a team of 10 dancers from various schools and backgrounds. The aim for her is to use these bodies of today to question a society that isseeking to nd a future for itself.

In order to write for individualities, it is rst a matter of settling upona common language; a long and complex task and one that is being undertaken with the wish to communicate using Baroque material expressive of us and our collective questions. For, more than a style, Baroque dance is for Béatrice Massin an art of diversity constrained within a rigorous framework of abstract, mathematic and dynamic writing.

The Baroque dance of Mass b, brought to life by a generation ofdancers nourished by the practices of contemporary dance, presents a style which links Baroque rigour of form and the perfor-ming individuality of the dancers. Coming from the individual to the group, the realms of an ideal – perchance regained – com- munity are thus composed which cannot fail to resonate with the energies of our era.