A joyful, vital, light show, full of radiance and deep emotions in which the theatrical power of a narrative – a delicate and amusing story in which the female element emerges with force and poetry – blends, in absolute harmony, with the physical theatre and the acrobatic aerial dance of ve multi-talented artists.

An acrobatic and theatrical game with an innovative flight system, an installation of lights with over 200 suspended tubes in constant dialogue with the story and a powerful sound atmosphere compose this magic and surrealist show.

Nuda tells of twin sisters, one born dressed, the other naked, apparently in shadow. Raised together in a family that was, at the very least, eccentric, yet so similar to everyone else’s, Anna and her twin sister touch each other, brush against one another, sometimes tread on each other, and then rediscover themselves in an embrace full of joy and newfound freedom.


Genre: narrative and acrobatic theatre Duration: 90 min. without intermission Pre-hang by the venue + 1,5 days of set up 5 performers on the scene

General audience (from 8 years)

Creation phase: July – August 2021 at Lugano Arte e Cultura – Lugano (Switzerland)
Premiere: October, 2021 in Lugano (Switzerland)
Worldwide tour: from October 2021