ENDLESS – a universal story of two people drifting apart, a highly emotional journey in which Nanine Linning guides her audience through a relationship of two people who struggle to find trust and a deep intimate connection between a couple in despair accepting loss and separation. This epic production about human connection and hope started as an evening length duet in 2010 for Nanine Linning Foundation, and was reworked into a version of 10 dancers for Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, moved audiences to tears. In 2019 Nanine and her artistic team will take both versions and recreate it into a multimedia drama about universal stories van separation, loss, and the long lasting psychological impact of farewell under the title Endless Song of Silence.
After her earlier productions Requiem and Dusk, Linning will finish her expressive trilogy with Endless Song of Silenceon the human states of being.

ENDLESS is created with the entire Symphony #3 by the Polish composer H. Górecki at its center. Linning: “I hear in this music the last minutes and seconds of life, the notion of time slipping away, everything slows down to the very final chord followed by a silence which seems to last forever, hence the title. Górecki wrote his Symphony with the separation of a child and its parent in mind; and I see in it a universal sense of despair between people loosing each other’s love and proximity.”

Credit Photo : Kalle Kuikaniemi