Information soon – Creation 2023 – Teatros del Canal , Lieu Barcelona, Versailles Opera House, Imperial Theater Compiegne.

Recording by Les arts Florissants

BBlanca Li presents a very contemporary, light-hearted and traditionally rooted version of Dido and Aeneas, based on the opera created in 1688 by Henry Purcell on a libretto by Nahum Tate.

Blanca Li has conceived a choreographic and plastic performance, merging all the performers into moving ensemble with an abstract and changing set design by visual artist Evi Keller, which combines with Caty Olive’s graphic lighting to open up the space and create powerful and aesthetic atmospheres.

The characters in the plot split and multiply to create a score of intersecting lines between music and dance, expressing the unspoken words of the libretto.

Blanca Li’s staging allows the emotions experienced by the characters to find a singular contemporary resonance despite the original tragic formalism of a destiny drawn by the will of the mythological gods.

Sliding from carnal passion to existential questioning, under the constraint of social and traditional imperatives, there are many timeless themes that through this choreography reflect the similar forces that govern the fortunes and misfortunes of human beings in the 21st century. Through this performance, the heart and mind of the audience will be moved by the dance and the ethereal music of Henry Purcell.