The dance and music of Pierre are full of recognizable characters, tropes, and dramatic arcs. Yet rather than being organized according to a single protagonist’s narrative, the piece stages counterpoints between lovers, friends, family members, generations, individuals, and social constellations. These relationships crystallize in moments of rage, joy, denial, and reconciliation, made all the more impactful for their sudden and often unexpected clarity. The stage opens with two lovers, who take turns telling their sides of a story. A cast of characters enter through a door into this place of reckoning—perhaps a waiting room, or a memory, or a prophetic dream. It is in this purposefully ambiguous space that relationships within the collective proliferate: we witness a chanteuse’s song, a festive celebration, a trial by jury, a series of intimate confrontations, a moment of possible reconciliation, and a verdict—whose sentence places collective culpability on one man’s shoulders. 

Concept and staging: Bobbi Jene Smith Choreography: Bobbi Jene Smith, with the dancers 

Music: Celeste Oram Settings: Christian Friedländer 

Costumes: Christian Friedländer and Bobbi Jene Smith